Mondera Coupons

Check out our page on Mondera coupons for some even newer coupons. Currently, there are a couple of coupon offers there ranging from 10% off everything (except diamonds) to $150 off a diamond purchase.

Even though these coupons will change on a fairly constant basis, that page will always have the most recent Mondera coupons. You can also check out other coupons like Blue Nile coupons or a variety of other merchants here.


With Valentine's Day Coming Up, Get Creative!

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, it's time for you to start thinking about it even if you aren't going to pop the question then (if you are, check out over 100 marriage proposal ideas to get some ideas). Even though we normally only talk about engagements, diamonds, or wedding tips, I thought that I'd mention a few tips for the approaching holiday.

Instead of doing the usual roses and chocolates, try to get creative. If you still want to go the traditional route, great, but try adding something to it. Instead of just going out to eat, why not relive a fun memory the two of you had together? Why not plan a special night out?

The more you go out of your way and try to personalize the event, the more it'll be remembered. Just like with any special memory, you need to make it memorable. If the two of you don't celebrate the holiday much and prefer not to do something elaborate, why not surprise her (or him) with something out of the ordinary.

If she'd never expect a singing telegram from you, why not send one as a joke? If you normally just have plain old roses delivered to her office, why not deliver chocolate roses (often cheaper too) to her office -- one for each employee near her. This would surely get her a lot of attention and earn you a lot of brownie points.

You don't need an elaborate plain to make it a good one. Just give it a little extra thought.


Mondera Coupons: 10% Off and $160 Off

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Blue Nile Coupon $50 Off

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Happy New Years and some special things to come!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement and wish everyone a happy New Years! Be sure to spend plenty of time with family, friends, and loved ones. There have been plenty of marriage proposals lately, so I also wanted to wish everyone best of luck with your future plans together as well.

Finally, I just wanted to make a quick announcement that there will be some exciting things coming in 2007 for Marriage-Proposal-Ideas.com and a few other new sites. Stay tuned!



Blue Nile Coupons

Blue Nile is by far one of the more popular diamond jewelry sites online, and Blue Nile is especially known for diamond engagement rings and loose diamonds. We often have Blue Nile coupons that you can take advantage of -- often times even several exclusive Blue Nile coupons.

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